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Sep 24, 2012 7:10pm PDT
to finish the kid's maze on a long john's silvers placement. stand up, shake that bucket off your head and be counted. unfortunately to do that you'll have to find someone who can count. and folks if you want more evidence that the elite smarty crap media are against us, well, look no further than last week. while i was conveniently not on the air, news happened. oh, and the free masons don't control the world government, right. evidently, in response to an anti-muslim film, riots broke out at american embassies worldwide, most tragically in benghazi, libya, where on september 11th four americans including our ambassador were killed. now our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. but my rage goes straight at barack obama. you see, his buddies in the press are trying to make this crisis about mitt romney. who on the day of the a attacks courageously vowed not to campaign on 9/11. >> there is a time and place for that. but this day is not that. >> stephen: no. that day was not that. (laughter) turns out, that night was that. jim. >> governor mitt romney just relea
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Sep 24, 2012 11:35pm PDT
to the oral argument and not enough to what i think john roberts-- i now know was thinking about this case. >> stephen: okay, roberts. let's get into this. you get into this. roberts changed his mind, right? wharoberts was going to say one thing and then for some personal reason he changes his mind. why did he do it? >> well, in the first place, there's nothing wrong with changing your mind. >> stephen: yes there is! yes there is! antonin scalia has never changed his mind. >> that's true. but supreme court opinions are never final until they're announce sod justices sometimes go back and forth during the period they're deliberating. but in part he was just persuaded by the argument that this was a tax, a permissible tax under the constitution. but also i think he didn't want to see the court in the maelstrom of politics. he didn't want to see another bush. have gore citizens united where five republicans ruled against four democrats and in the obamacare case he sided with the four liberals. >> stephen: kennedy is the one who normally-- >> usually. that's one reason why so-called experts li
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Sep 26, 2012 11:30pm PDT
, proscuitto, hamhocks, canned ham, john hamm. (laughter) oh-- he looks salty. (laughter) nation, they say that this bacon shortage is caused by global warming and crop failure. but i believe this bacon shortage is a conspiracy. a ba-con-spiracy. (laughter) just think about it, okay? who's not supposed to eat bacon? well, jews, first. but most of the jews i know do anyway. (laughter) once again, aloha. (laughter) no, i'm talking about the really observant jews. muslims. (laughter) they won't even touch bacon! which means this bacon shortage is nothing less than creeping sharia law! and you know who i blame? barack obama. (laughter) oh, i have been warning you for years about his kowtowing to islamic extremists. well, now the chicken shawarma has come home to roost-- in a catastro-pita. during the past arab spring obama let radical imams lead an uprising against our radical friends in the middle east. >> you go back to the beginning of the arab spring and this administration did everything in its power to dislodge two key u.s. allies-- hosni mubarak and moammar qaddafi. knowing the replacem
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)